Talent Acquisition: 5 Trends to Watch in 2018
Recruiting Daily Advisor

As 2017 fades into the rearview mirror, it’s time to look at what’s ahead. Read more


Bereavement Leave and Candidate Attraction
Recruiting Daily Advisor

A company’s benefits package attracts job candidates, and bereavement leave is one of the benefits in that package. Read more


Workplace Violence and Hiring
Recruiting Daily Advisor

A recent incident in Orange County, Florida, where a former employee entered the workplace and fatally shot five people before turning the gun on himself, has HR professionals again discussing how acts like these can be prevented. One issue that frequently comes up is the possible link between hiring and workplace violence. Read more


Millennials in the Workplace: Were the Experts Right?
Recruiting Daily Advisor

As a generation, Millennials have gotten a lot of attention, much of it negative. But it turns out not all Millennial traits are bad for business. Read more


It’s time to find the next job when…
The Florida Times-Union

The alarm goes off on Monday morning. You play the “five more minutes” game as long as you can and then summon what seems like all your willpower to face another workday. Read more


Minimizing the Impact of Layoffs on Your Corporate Culture

The management pressure associated with layoffs can be significant, but the fallout can be even worse. If not handled properly, layoffs have the potential to negatively impact productivity and morale, alter the bonds of trust between employees and management, affect corporate culture, and tarnish your employer brand. Read more


Workers Don’t Aspire to Management

A survey conducted by global staffing firm Randstad finds employees do not want to be managers. For HR and other management professionals, the lack of interest in leading has significant implications. Read more


The Death of Job Boards?

Social networking has become such a hot topic at recruitment conferences these days that several industry experts are now predicting the end of job boards. But is this really likely to happen? Read more


Retirement Is Still an Employee Goal

The recession forced many older employees to postpone retirement; it also caused some retirees to return to the workforce. However, as the economy improves, it's important for human resource and other management professionals to not lose sight of the fact that people want to retire, and many plan to do so. Read more


What Your Job Ads Say

Your job ad describes the position and the qualifications required. It also tells a little bit about the company. But what else does it reveal? Read more


The New Jobs Domain

Goodbye, .com. See you later, .org. For employers looking to reach job seekers, there's now a less crowded route on the information highway. A new domain, .jobs, shortens the distance, allowing for a more expedient and arguably more pleasant online experience for job seekers. Read more


Fewer Executives Want to Be CEOS

Doctor, lawyer, Indian chief—maybe. But new research shows that fewer executives want to be CEOs. Read more


Handling Helicopter Parents

Just when you think you've seen it all, a new challenge emerges on the human resources horizon. They've been dubbed helicopter parents because of their propensity to hover over their children, most of whom are adults. And hover these parents do, sometimes to the point of attending interviews with their job-seeking children or contacting their children's employers. Read more


The Movement Toward More Women in IT: Is the Trend Reversing?

CBS News reports that despite a fairly widespread interest in computers, few girls are interested in pursuing careers in technology. Instead, they are preparing for careers in helping professions, like nursing and teaching.

While this bodes well for health care and education, two fields in need of workers, it could spell trouble for technology. Read more


Nautical Daze
AIRS News Real Tools

Weather the storm. Navigate rough seas. Man the lifeboats. Or is that (wo)man overboard?

This recession has sure (shore) had its share of nautical metaphors. Read more


The Age of Transparency
AIRS News Real Tools

After months, even years of speculation, the age of information and the age of technology seem to finally have their offspring. The age of transparency, weaned on Web 2.0, is doing quite well, thanks to so many doting participants. Read more


Turning Employees into Filmmakers
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Among the best known film festivals are Cannes, Sundance, and Tribeca. Now, an unlikely participant has gotten into the act. Read more


Advantages of Venting
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If you build it, they will come. And if you give them a forum, they will air their grievances. At least that’s been the experience of JobVent.com, a website where people vent about current and former employers. Read more


Recruiting Women
Recruiting Trends

Last fall, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported on a dramatic change in U.S. worker demographics: For the first time, women now account for nearly half, 49.9 percent, of the U.S. workforce. Read more


Youth and Unemployment
Recruiting Trends

The impact of a prolonged recession, which included massive job losses and fewer employment opportunities, has been widespread. However, while many Americans face challenges, the nation’s young people have been especially affected by this economic climate. Read more


Corporate Careers Sites 2.0
Online Recruitment Magazine (North American edition)

Online recruitment has come a long way since static job postings and organizational overviews were mainstays of corporate careers sites. Today, technology allows for an interactive experience, and companies are taking advantage of opportunities to engage candidates. Read more


2010: Top 10 Cities for Single Women

What makes a city a best place to live for single women? Read more


The Economic Blues and Children

There is no doubt: The economic downturn and a sluggish job market have taken a toll on families throughout the United States. Recent studies show that the loss of a job and decline in income impacts everyone in a family, and children in affected households manifest behavioral changes at home and in school. Read more


Career Choice and Gender Bias

Is there gender bias associated with certain industries and jobs? And if so, is there a way to avoid it? Read more