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“Nice job on the article — one of the better, more informative I have seen on the subject. You were easy to work with — let me know if there is another opportunity to work together.” —Kent Kirch, global director of recruitment, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

“The article is very well written and really captures the spirit of what’s going on. Well done! Can I also say that you’re a wonderful interviewer. I enjoyed speaking with you and hope that our paths might cross again in the future.” —Kevin Doyle, national director of program development, The Environmental Careers Organization (ECO)

“I think you did a great job with the article and I appreciate the accuracy with which you conveyed my thoughts.“ —Lisa Patten, director, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“This is an excellent article; you did a fantastic job of weaving the facts and options for employers to consider.” —Bill Gaul, CEO, The Destiny Group

“You have done the best job thus far (no hype) of capturing what was said in our interview.” —Tom Embrescia, CEO, .jobs

“I loved the article! It’s so refreshing to be accurately quoted!” —Joan Lloyd, management consultant

“Thank you so much for the copy of the article, and for quoting me so accurately! This is such an important subject, and you gave it some much needed light.“ —Caryn Lennon, J.D.

“Thank you so much for your very good article! And thank you for the care and attention you took in the interview that resulted in such an excellent piece. I’m sure it will help the cause of writing instruction in our schools, and the NWP will find in most useful in our campaign to get business on our side.” —Richard Sterling, executive director, National Writing Project

“Wow, this is a great article. Thanks! While that outbound email report generated a lot of interest, this is probably the most detailed coverage of this issue that I’ve seen.” —Keith Crosley, director of corporate communications, Proofpoint, Inc.

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“Thank you for sending the article, Paula, and thank you for non mischaracterizing my position on women in combat in the same way that so many other reporters have. The addition or omission of a single word can change the whole tone, but you did a good job in allowing me to convey useful information without distortion. If you write on this subject again, please be sure to consider me a resource.” —Elaine Donnelly, president, Center for Military Readiness

“I wanted to thank you for a truly amazing article; it was both well written and insightful. Indeed, I hope it was broadly read as it does much to help explain why these awards are helpful.” —Peter Weddle, editor & publisher, WEDDLE’s

“Judi Jedlicka just forwarded the article you wrote for HRWire to me. We all think it’s terrific. Thank you so much for the opportunity to spread the word about business-arts partnerships and how businesses can incorporate the arts into their environment.” —Leonora Merkel, director of national programs, Business Committee for the Arts, Inc.

“Thank you for a good article. I have been interviewed many times and must admit to a bit of trepidation, because you never know what the writer is going to do with what you say. I feel that the gist of what we do was captured in your brief article and am appreciative of your effort to put things in the right context. If we can ever be of service to you again, please let me know.” —David Gamow, co-founder, Clarity Seminars

“It’s very polished writing and a pleasure to read.” —Brigida Bergkamp, corporate media relations manager, Hewlett-Packard Company

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“Thank you very much for writing such a nice and thoughtful article on the early college high school initiative. Your article really captures the essence of the program, and gives readers excellent insight to its potential. Your work is greatly appreciated.” —Carmon Cunningham, vice president, technology & communications, Jobs for the Future

“Great job! You listened well, and you are a talented writer. I’m impressed. I’ve got an in-house writer guy that’s pretty talented, but the short amount of time that I spent with you, and your understanding of what I told you just raised the bar for my in-house guy!” —Mike Kappel, president, the Top Echelon Companies

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“TIGHT, great writing, Paula!!! (APPLAUSE!!!)” —Eugene Connors, employment and labor attorney, partner, Reed Smith

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“Thanks Paula! I have to say, of all the interviews I have done, yours was the most accurate as far as quoting and paraphrasing what was stated.”—Jared Callahan, director of client relations, Employment Screening Resources (ESR)

“I have just read your article “Do We Match?” on Onrec, having read a number of your articles previously. I find your insight fascinating and extremely valuable, and your writing style extremely engaging. I take a very active interest in all issues concerning the development of the recruitment industry and as such was hoping to connect with you as a thought leader in this field.” —Marc Crouch, executive search consultant, Integral Search & Selection

“I read your article “Re-Recruiting Your Employees.” It was indeed a great article. I would love to have you speak to a group of HR professionals at my company.” —Barbara Amos, second vice president, employee relations consultant, Northern Trust

“I have enjoyed receiving your reports for several years. I use them in my Business Communication courses to provide students with real-world perspectives on the job market, and to illustrate the different [and not always successful] ways that businesses make difficult decisions.” —Lili Fox Velez, Ph.D., Biomedical Writing Track, Professional Writing Program, Towson University

“Thank you for this. I've been debating for about a month now how to put into writing all my experience and skill sets, since they go across the board, and across fifteen years of life experience. I can now WRAP MY HEAD AROUND IT.” —Cindy T., reader,